21 Days of Meditation:
Working with the Chakras

SEPTEMBER 8 - OCTOBER 6, 2021 |  $21

21 Days of Meditation + 21 Minutes a Day for $21


In this 21-day journey, we will be using bija mantras, mudras and breathwork to harmonize and heal the 7 chakras (energy centers) along the spine. These energy centers are like data banks, and provide information about the subtle body, if you're tuned in, and using this information - it can help you find balance and vitality.⁣

Why balance the chakras? Working with ~ and learning to master ~ the energy of the 7 chakras along the spine allows us to transcend imbalances, raise our energy, heal ourselves of old patterns that are no longer serving us (these patterns can be lodged in the body, mind or a habitual behavior) and express the highest potentiality of each chakra and the self.⁣

The chakras are dimensional gateways that allow our body, mind, and soul to process higher vibrational frequencies, so that they can be assimilated and transformed in our physical reality. This is really part of energy anatomy. We are organized energetically just as much as we are organized physically. Our energetic structure is as detailed as our biological structure. Caroline Myss believes we are 98% energy and 2% physical.⁣

To learn more about the bija mantras and the chakras, you can check out my blog post HERE.

We begin the morning of September 8th @ 7:30am MST. We will be meeting Monday through Friday mornings over Zoom @ 7:30am MST.

  • All sessions are recorded if you can not attend live.

What you will receive with this course:

1. A PDF with tools to make your meditation practice easier.

2. 21 days of guided meditations: 9/8 - 10/6 @7:30am MST MONDAYS - FRIDAYS. No weekend LIVE meditations. 

3. An invitation to join a private Facebook Group to be a part of a Sangha.

Who is this Course For?
Beginners and experienced meditators alike! This course is appropriate for those of you who are brand new to meditation as well as for people who want to deepen their meditation practice, or for experienced practitioners who are interested in joining a sangha (community).

A daily meditation practice has the ability to:
-Reduce stress and anxiety 
-Calm your nervous system
-Be more present in your day to day life
-Experience more joy
-Feel more calm, and less reactive
-Quiet the analytical mind
-Increase your intuitive abilities

-Increase your focus

-Reduce negative throughs and emotions



Anyone who registers for this course can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $120 (Typical rate is $150). This rate is valid until December 30, 2021.


Please reach out with any questions: dn@deidrenorman.com.


PAYMENT: Venmo $21 to @Deidre-Norman


Thanks for signing up!

PAYMENT: Venmo $21 to @Deidre-Norman