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4 Ways to Align with your Spirit

Summer is in the air, friends!

I love this time of year. In just a few weeks, the Summer Solstice will be here, welcoming the first official day of summer. And the sun is already providing longer days and great weather, which makes enjoying the outdoors and nature easy! The season of backyard BBQs, enjoying the water, whether it's a pool, ocean or river, and socializing with friends. Summer also reminds us of joy. Of Freedom. And of vitality ~ as the sun nourishes and sustains life. So let me ask you:

What will you do to nourish yourself this season? What will you do to create a more sustainable life for yourself and those around you? You see, summer is also the perfect time for doing your self inquiry work. Summer is a time for getting curious. For growth. For expansion, from the inside out. For coming into alignment with YOU! How can you do this? Here are 5 of my favorite ways.

1. Get outside. Getting outside is one of my favorite ways to recharge, clear my mind and, of course, get exercise. Being outdoors boosts your energy, boosts immunity, enhances creativity, gives you your daily dose of vitamin D (so many of us are deficient in vitamin D!), and so much more. And these things are ALL backed by science. Being out in nature also helps us slow down and connect with the present moment. When we become more present, we are able to more easily listen to our intuition, which helps us move more into alignment with our true nature.

2. Mindful movement.

Move your body. Go on a walk in your neighborhood. Hit your favorite trail after work to compress from your day. Take a yoga class online or at your favorite studio. Put your favorite song on and feel free dancing in the music. And remember to tune into your body and connect with your breath. When we move the body, we help to get our energy flowing. When we are in flow, we can move more into alignment with our true nature.

3. Tap into your creativity.

Take time every day to tap into your creativity. This can be singing in the shower, playing music and dancing, practicing art (even if you think you aren't artistic. ESPECIALLY if you don't think you're artistic), taking photos of things that inspire you, writing in your journal and seeing what comes up.

4. Book an Intuitive Reading.

An Intuitive Reading is an energy evaluation to help you align with your highest truth. By tuning in to your energies, I receive intuitive hits that help me identify any friction or conflict in your energetic field. This acrimony is typically a result of an emotional or energetic block that we'll identify and address. We'll then work together to uncover the root of these obstructions and find the most effective tools for you to shift your energy, rebalance, and realign your own truth. Learn more or book with me here.

5. Get quiet. (I know what you're thinking.)

Yes, get quiet. And yes, by that I mean, practice meditation.

This one can be challenging for people. But it is also one of the most important! People tell themselves so many stories about why they can't meditate, but I am here to assure you that YES. YOU. CAN! I love to teach kriya- and mantra-based meditation that can really help people drop into the practice. In my Intuitive Readings, I offer personalized meditations for people, and also teach group classes most months. Check out my offerings here.

Supporting others in aligning with their truth is part of my dharma. And it would be my honor to guide you in aligning with yours.

Wishing you the sweetest of summers, dear friend!


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