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Animal Medicine: Bison

You have just come into contact with Bison Medicine!⁣ ✨🦬✨ What does it mean to see a bison? Manifesting abundance through right action + right prayer. Reminding us that both the mundane and the spiritual are necessary for manifesting what we are seeking. The bison reminds us of the importance of being grounded!⁣

The appearance of the bison also implies that the law of synchronicity is operating in your life right now. Things will happen in the time, manner and means that is best for us, if we allow it ❤️ This does not mean we should sit back and do nothing. We should do what we have to do and then let the events take their natural course. ⁣

If the bison has shown up in your life... ask yourself:⁣

1. Are you honoring that which you seek?⁣

2. Do you show gratitude for what you already have? ⁣

Photo by Deidre Norman, taken in Wyoming ❤


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