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Animal Medicine: Rooster

You have just come into contact with Rooster Medicine: A New Beginning 🐓


In China and Japan, there is a belief that when the Rooster crows at dawn, any evil spirits are chased away.⁣⁣


The Rooster symbolizes vigilance, dawn, hope, new day, resurrection, strength, self confidence and light. The Rooster also encourages you to seek a community that you can thrive in ~ where you are able to fully express yourself.⁣⁣


Rooster medicine allows you to live your life without any fear of judgment. Now is the time to set aside any fear and shine your authentic light and share your gifts. The world needs you in your light!⁣⁣

Questions to ask yourself:


✨ Are you dimming your light or playing small in any areas of yourself?⁣⁣

✨ How can you express yourself and turn your light way up?⁣⁣


✨ Are there any gifts you have been afraid to share with the world?⁣⁣


✨ What are one or two action steps you can take this week to boost your confidence and embody the Rooster?⁣⁣

Photo taken on one of my trips to Varanasi, India⁣⁣



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