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Mantra + Mudra Practice for Finding Clarity

Sat Nam mantra with Dhyana Mudra

This mantra will help you find clarity, connect back to your center and align with your inner truth. It will help you trust yourself, the decisions you are making and the unfolding of your path.⁣

Practice this mantra with the dhyana mudra (see photo below). This mudra is specifically used to deepen concentration and it guides us towards inner peace, equanimity and into a deeper meditative state. It represents total balance. You can become immersed in the limitless space, completely untouched by the outside world. The right hand symbolizes wisdom and awareness and the left hand symbolizes the illusion of existence. Ultimately bringing us into that deep state of Truth. The left hand is on the bottom with the palm facing up and the right hand is on top of the left hand - palm also facing up. The thumbs touch and you lay your hands in your lap right at the base of the spine. where the hands form a bowl shape in the lap with the right palm on top of the left and the thumbs touching.⁣

The Practice

Find a comfortable seat with a long, tall spine and bring your hands into dhyana mudra. Begin to inhale, silently saying "Sat," then exhale as you silently say "Nam." Practice this for a minimum of 3 minutes.⁣


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