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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with this Simple Ritual

This Tuesday, June 21 is the official first day of summer ~ known as Summer Solstice. This day is marked by the sun traveling along its northernmost path in the sky ~ which also gives us the longest daylight hours of the year. The energy of summer brings joy, abundance and the connection of all living things. It's a time to connect with the earth, to ground and honor the senses. As we move into summer, the energy can be chaotic, buzzing with energy and excitement. With this, I invite you to enjoy this joyful energy while also remembering the importance of staying grounded.

A Simple Ritual to Connect with the Earth

This week, or Tuesday if you can, dedicate some time to being outside in nature and connecting with the earth. Try to spend at least an hour outside. Go on a hike, walk the beach, hit the lake or river, or just head to your favorite park and take a walk or have a picnic.

While in nature, get as present as possible and try to connect with all SIX senses ~ sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste AND your intuition.

Sight: What do you notice as you wander around in nature? Really observe. What do you see? What is coming to life? What changes has this season brought to nature?

Touch: What does the sun or air feel like on your skin? How does the earth feel beneath your feet? Maybe take off your shoes and allow your feet to connect with the earth.

Smell: What smells do you notice? Are there any flowers or plants around you can smell? What are the smells of summer? Connect with them.

Hearing: Notice what summer sounds like. What do you hear? Take a minute or two to get quiet and notice whatever sounds fill your ears. Be present with them.

Taste: What kinds of foods are you now eating that are in season for summer? Can you commit to eating more seasonal fruits and veggies to connect with the bounty of summer?

INTUITION: At some point during your time outside, find a quiet seat. Bring your hands into prithvi mudra and feel your sits bones connect with the earth. Allow your eyes to fall closed ~ or keep them open with a soft gaze. As you begin to settle into stillness, deepen the breath and notice any thoughts that arise and observe them, then allow them to fall away. After a few minutes of deep breathing, ask your intuition for any messages it has for you. Ask mother earth what messages she has for you. Continue to sit, focusing on your breath and see what comes up for you.


I also encourage you to do some free writing today on the following questions:

What brings you joy?

Where do you feel abundance in your life currently?

What things help you feel connected to the earth?

What intentions do you have for this summer season?

What is one new healthy habit you will commit to this summer?


May this summer bring you endless joy, abundance and growth, my friends. Sweet summer blessings to you!


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