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21 Days of Meditation, 21 Minutes a Day for $21

SEPTEMBER 3 - SEPTEMBER 22, 2024 |  $21


Join me September 3, 2024 for a 21-day meditation journey that is designed to align us with our 7 chakras. This meditation challenge is designed to heal and harmonize the 7 chakras along the spine using the practices of mantra, mudra and breathwork.

The body contains 7 energy centers along the spine, known as chakras. These energy centers are like data banks, and provide information about the subtle body. Tuning in to these centers, accessing the information and working with the chakras can help you find balance and vitality.

Why Balance the Chakras?

Working with ~ and learning to master ~ the energy of the 7 chakras along the spine allows us to transcend imbalances, raise our energy, heal ourselves of old patterns that are no longer serving us (these patterns can be lodged in the body, mind or a habitual behavior) and express the highest potentiality of each chakra and the self.

My goal with these 21 day challenges is to not only to help you balance the 7 chakras but also to provide you with the tools and support you need to create a regular meditation practice that will benefit you in all areas of your life. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your mental clarity, or simply connect more deeply with yourself, this course is designed to help you achieve your goals.

We begin the morning of September 3rd @ 7:30am MST. We will meet Monday through Friday mornings live over Zoom @ 7:30am MST while weekend sessions will be recorded so you can do them anytime. Please note: All sessions are recorded, so you can do the meditations on your own time if you cannot attend live sessions during the week!

What you will receive with this course:

1. A PDF with tools to make your meditation practice easier.

2. 21 days of LIVE guided meditations: 9/3 - 9/23 @ 7:30am MST MONDAYS - FRIDAYS (Pre-recorded meditations for the weekend).

3. An invitation to join a private Facebook Group to be a part of a Sangha.

Who is this Course For?
Beginners and experienced meditators alike! This course is appropriate for those of you who are brand new to meditation as well as for people who want to deepen their meditation practice, or for experienced practitioners who are interested in joining a sangha (community).

"There is a synergy which is created when people meditate together. The healing power that is cultivated in a group meditation is far more effective than meditating alone."

A daily meditation practice has the ability to:
-Reduce stress and anxiety 
-Calm your nervous system
-Be more present in your day to day life
-Experience more joy
-Feel more calm, and less reactive
-Quiet the analytical mind
-Increase your intuitive abilities

-Increase your focus

-Reduce negative throughs and emotions


Anyone who registers for this course can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $120 (Typical rate is $150). This rate is valid until December 31, 2024.


Please reach out with any questions:


PAYMENT: Venmo $21 to @Deidre-Norman

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