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Nang Mang Singh Shiva : A Mantra for Stillness

This mantra builds a strong aura, clarity, fearlessness, stillness, transcendence and presence. It is really great to do if you are feeling ungrounded or when you want to strengthen your aura. It's also a great way to start the day or a great way to realign in the middle of your day.⁣

Nang = Symbolizing the naked Shiva. Meaning no masks, no projection, no ideas and no stories. ⁣

Mang = Intense and fierce. ⁣

Singh = Active, not passive, no more hiding, the lion. Shiva = This is invoking the 3 aspects of Shiva. ⁣

To practice this mantra, come into a comfortable seat with the arms crossed in front of the heart center ~ the right arm is closest to the body. ⁣

Start by chanting the mantra quietly and then move into chanting it silently. ⁣

When you say Nang - thumb touches pinky finger. When you say Mang - thumb touches ring finger. When you say Singh - thumb touches middle finger. When you say Shiva - thumb touches pointer finger. ⁣

Practice this for 11 minutes. ⁣

If you are looking to start a regular meditation practice, join me for my next 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Learn more HERE.


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