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Relieve Tension with this Mudra + Breath Practice

Need to relieve tension from the body? Check out this mudra and breath practice! This mudra has been used as a "prescription" for migraines in Ayurveda ~ as well as for melting away other tension in the body. ⁣

Mahasirs Mudra:⁣

“Maha” referring to “great”⁣

“Siris” means “head”⁣

“Mudra” is “gesture or seal”⁣

Practice: ⁣

Come into a comfortable seat with your hands in Mahasirs Mudra by touch the tips of the thumbs to the tips of the index and middle fingers on both hands. Put your ring finger into your palm then try to stretch your pinky up. This finger position can feel awkward at first ~ and that is okay! Make sure not to strain and allow the mudra to do the work for you. ⁣

Once you have both hands in the Mudra, place the backs of the hands on the knees, and bring awareness to releasing tension from all around the outside of the head to the center of your brain. Then begin to practice breath of fire for 3 minutes with your gaze at the third eye center. ⁣

If you do not know breath of fire, simply bring your focus to the third eye center and focus on your breath ~ taking long deep breaths in and out through the nose. Try and bring your breath all of the way down to your belly. Allow your exhales to be equally as long. ⁣


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