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What is a Yantra (and Why/How Do I Tune into Its Energies?)

Yantras are a sacred geometrical symmetrical arrangement from the Tantric tradition in India, traced back to 3300 B.C. These sacred tools for meditation are known to emit positive cosmic energies, or expressions of light. Each geometrical symmetrical arrangement that forms a yantra has its own energetic intelligence: they may represent different deities (gods and goddesses), specific planets or the elements, all of which embody particular energies. In addition, each yantra contains its own mantra. The Sanskrit word "Yantra" is roughly translated as “tool” or “device.” Yantra comes from the word "yan," meaning to sustain, hold or support the energy inherent in a particular object, element or concept; while the suffix "tra” means to protect or to liberate and is considered a tool for expansion. The center of a yantra, known as a Bindu, is the focal point when using it as a tool for meditation. The Bindu, which is typically represented by a dot or small circle, although can also be invisible, is the point from which everything radiates outward, from which all creation emanates. When we focus on this center point, we find ourselves in alignment with a pathway towards our own inner awakening, as aligning with our own center is where we also align and merge with the universe. You often see yantras inscribed on metal plates, or wood, painted on cloth or paper, and sometimes even on jewelry. The designs vary wildly. One of the more popular and most powerful yantras people tend to work with is the Sri Yantra, seen as the representation of cosmic creation and the divine feminine. The Sri Yantra embodies the qualities of the divine feminine, wisdom, creativity, prosperity, beauty, and spiritual enrichment. When we work with the energy of the Sri Yantra, we move in the direction of our higher self, our best self, our blissful self - which is our true nature. See image below. “The Sri Yantra is said to carry the energy of the manifest universe-the diversity, vibration, and expansion and contraction of everything.” - Ekabhumi Charles Ellik If you are interested in learning more about connecting with the power of yantras, check out The Shakti Coloring Book. It has many yantras, along with the goddesses that go along with the yantras. Practice: Meditate with a Yantra

First, set up your own mini sacred space. It can be a simple quiet space, or perhaps you already have an altar that you like to meditate in front of. Add the yantra of your choice on your altar or place it in front of you at eye level and focus your intention on bringing the qualities of the yantra into your energy field. Sit and focus on the yantra for 5 minutes to start. Eventually you may work your way up to 7, 9 or 11 minutes. Notice how you feel as you continue this practice for a week, and aim to work up to 21 days in a row. Working with yantras regularly has the ability to strengthen your energy and connect you more deeply with your intuition.


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