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Accessing Your Intuition

DECEMBER 12 :: 4-7pm |  $70


We all possess INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE! It is our “Wisdom Guide.” It is our birthright. 


“Intuition is our ability to know something instinctively without having to discover it or rationalize it intellectually-a deep sense of knowing without an analytical process. You can’t explain to anyone why-you don’t have statistics or research to back up your perspective. You just know.” - Amisha Ghadiali


Many of us have lost our relationship with our Intuition. The cool part, is that it is always there waiting for us to access it. And when we begin to listen to the whispers of our intuition, we will find that it can guide us to make wise decisions that bring more joy, love, happiness, peace and presence in our lives. Instead of needing to control our lives and following our limiting beliefs, and old habitual patterns - we begin to open our life to more creativity, adventure, love, passion and insight. We begin to align more fully with our TRUTH and our authentic self.


Join me for a 3 hour workshop on December 12th from 4-7pm at Teton Yoga Shala. We will learn life long tools to access our Intuition on a more regular basis. We will use Yoga, Himalayan Kriya, Meditation, and Energy Medicine Tools to dive deeper into ourselves. There will also be a few fun exercises to learn about our own person and unique Intuition and how to access it more easily.


“The way your Intuition speaks to you, is as unique as you are.”



  • Yoga Mats

  • Meditation cushion (if you want to use your personal one)

  • Journals 

What to expect:

  • Movement through the physical practice of Yoga and Kriya. The asana part will be very easy and more on the restorative side. Learn more about Kriya HERE.

  • A meditation practice. 

  • Journal questions to ignite your intuition.

  • A few interactive exercises to understand our unique Intuition.

You will leave with: 

  • An 11 minute meditation practice. This is designed to be done daily for 21-40 days after the workshop to continue to access your intution.

  • Tools to gain deeper access to your Intuition, and align you with your True Self. 


MASKS + COVID PROTOCOL: Please note that masks are not required the entire time for this workshop, as some of the breathing exercises will be more comfortable without wearing a mask. We will require wearing masks into the room and when you are walking around, but on your mat - you can choose if you want to wear the mask.

Deidre’s intention is to guide you in the direction of Trusting your Intuition!

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