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MARCH 15th, 2021 to APRIL 5th, 2021 |  $222


PRE-REQUISITE :: You must have taken INTUITION 101 in order to take INTUITION 2.0. Sign up for my email list to get notified the next time INTUITION 101 is offered.

I am so excited to offer INTUITION 2.0, a second 21-day journey inwards, that will build upon the foundations we learned in INTUITION 101 and deepen our connection to our intuition even further.

In this Masterclass, we will continue to work with Grounding, our LifeForce Energy, Kundalini Energy and the Chakras, and use the practices of Yoga and Energy Medicine Techniques to continue to gain deeper access to our intuition, increase our self awareness and raise our consciousness. 

What is included?
  • 5 Live Meditations each week (21 minutes) Monday - Friday @ 8am MST.

  • 4 Live Workshops on Monday nights (3/15, 3/22, 3/29 + 4/5). Each workshop will be from 7-9pm MST (part workshop + part meditation).

  • Weekly journal questions.

  • A personal manual/workbook.

  • A new set of recipes as we continue to dial in our nutrition.

  • A private What’s App group to connect with Sangha (community).

  • A private website to access all the recorded workshops and meditations.


**All workshops and meditations will be LIVE on Zoom and everything will be recorded.

WEEK #1: Chakas

We will review of Chakras 1-3 from INTUITION 101 and then go into a deeper dive of Chakras 4-7. We will be moving into the higher centers of our intuition through working with the Chakras each day during Week 1.


WEEK #2: Balancing Masculine + Feminine Energy

This week we will be working on balancing the Masculine and the Feminine energy in our systems. When we have more balance in our systems we have greater access to our intuition and we are more aligned energetically with our best selves, which gives us the ability to raise our consciousness with more ease.

"Sun and moon. Light and dark. Day and night. Inhale and exhale. There are binaries that exist in nature. They are each essential and fundamental for the existence of the other. There is no daytime without the nighttime. There is no exhalation of breath without the inhalation of breath. These apparent opposites have real effects on your lives. You think, behave, and feel according to the cultural expectations and norms that are held around these binaries. Becoming aware of the imbalances and understanding the different values you place on each is imperative to harmonious living.” - CHOPRA


WEEK #3: Co-Creation

We will be moving up into the second level of intuition, Co-Creation, more fully. We will learn tools to align with our highest selves and we will work with the 5 Koshas. Kosha means "sheath" in Sanskrit. In yoga, the term is used to describe metaphorical layers within the human body.


Anyone who registers for this course, can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $75 (Rate is $120), this rate is valid until July 1, 2021. 


Please reach out with any questions:


COST: $222

PAYMENT: Venmo @Deidre-Norman


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