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3 Ways to Clear Your Energy

Taking on other people's energy ~ or even a group's energy ~ is very common. So common, in fact, that most of the time we don't even realize it! While it is especially common among healers, massage therapists, energy workers and "helpers" of all kinds ~ it can happen to anyone. This can feel like leaving a party tired. When you feel overwhelmed by crowds. Or having lunch with a friend and feeling the sadness or anger from a story they told. It can be from sitting in traffic or being at the office all day. It can even happen from a quick trip to the grocery store. Or when you're in public and it is hard to concentrate, because you are feeling other people's emotions and feelings. And you do not have to be "in person" with someone for this to happen ~ we can take on the energy of others even through an email or text! It can happen when reading the news, watching TV or reading an article.

How Taking on Others' Energy Affects You We are all made up of energy ~ and if we do not have a strong healthy aura and strong energetic boundaries, we can easily take on energy that is not ours. A consistent practice of taking on other people’s energy can lead to confusion about what your feelings are vs other people's feelings. It can even lead to dis-ease, migraines, anxiety and depression. Here are 3 ways to get back to your center, to clear your energy and realign with yourself.

1. Ground Yourself Grounding is all about connecting with the earth. The easiest way to ground is to stand barefoot ~ outside with your feet directly on the grass or dirt is really amazing, but anywhere will work. Close your eyes and start to focus on the breath, lengthening out the inhales and the exhales for a few rounds. Then visualize yourself as a redwood tree. Start to feel the stability of the tree and then start to visualize this tree rooting you into the earth. Visualize actual roots coming down from the soles of your feet, rooting your body down. Sense and feel the pull of gravity on your entire being as you keep visualizing your roots connecting you to the earth. As you continue to focus on the breath, set the intention for all energy that is not yours to move out of the body, down through the roots and down into the earth. Visualize, sense or feel yourself releasing all energy that is not yours. Know that Mother Earth will compost all of this energy that you release down to her. Stay here until your body and mind start to move into a calm state and then visualize your personal inner stability and inner strength.

2. Strengthen Your Aura Your personal space does not end at your skin, as your energetic field extends around your entire body. Just like your skin protects your physical body, your aura protects your energetic body. Your aura is your spiritual skin, your second skin. It is the field of energy around the physical body. It is the energy skin that protects your energy system and it can be used as an energy boundary. When we have a strong aura, we do not take on the energy of others as easily. Therefore, it is important to use practices that help keep your aura clear and strong. Clearing our aura daily has the potential to release us from other people's energy. A healthy aura looks like a bright cocoon of energy around your physical body in the shape of an egg or a balloon. It is about 1 foot around your body. A grounded healthy aura’s boundary acts as a positive force field boundary between you and the rest of your world. Watch this video for a quick way to strengthen your aura. It is a kriya called “Painting your Aura.” I recommend doing this for at least 3 minutes. As you do this - you can visualize clear out all energy that is not yours. Again - clearing down into Mother Earth, where she can compost it.

3. Shake Your Body When we shake the body, it helps to release and clear any stuck energy in our systems. Practice this daily to keep yourself clear of other energies that may be lingering in your field and weighing your down. Close your eyes and shake your body! To make this practice more fun, start by putting on a favorite song. Then bring your arms up over head and start by shaking your hands, then your arms, your head, your torso. Lift and shake one leg and then the other leg. Then just let the whole body shake. Find your rhythm in shaking. Set the intention to shake out and release all energy that is not yours, allowing it flow down the body, out the feet and hands and down into the earth. Remembering that Mother Earth will compost all that is not yours. Shake until you feel clear and you have release everything out. Or you can just set a timer and shake for 3 minutes.


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