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A Ritual for the Full Moon in Cancer + Journaling Questions for the New Year

Guest Post by: Rachel Nichols

With 2020 unfolding unlike any other year in our lifetimes, we have a lot to reflect on. It has been a year that has truly invited us to quiet down, contemplate, become adaptable, find our resilience in the face of change, loss or grief, and transform from the inside out. With today's Full Moon in Cancer, it's the perfect time to set aside a few minutes for yourself to meditate on what 2020 represented for you and what you wish to create for yourself in 2021. The energy of Cancer is highly intuitive and psychic, which will be beneficial and help you find clarity and reflect with more ease. It's also a great time, as with any Full Moon, to intentionally let go of what is no longer serving your spirit and find gratitude for all that's present in your life. Gratitude is the vibration we want to replace our resentments with as when you're in a state of gratitude, you can manifest and create your life with more success.

A FULL MOON RITUAL FOR LETTING GO Every month, the Full Moon represents completion and a time for forgiveness and letting go; so to have this last Full Moon of 2020 happening so close to New Year's Eve means we have the perfect cosmic energy working in our favor for closing out this chapter of our lives with grace and gratitude. While practicing letting go of anything and everything that is blocking your energy is a good idea every Full Moon, with this Full Moon happening in the sign of Cancer, the energy focuses on home and family, your domestic life as well as your private life. So you may want to consider focusing on letting go of and/or forgiving any negative emotions, disappointments, fears or upsets that have to do with any of these qualities. Here is a quick ritual to perform today or anytime up to three days after the Full Moon, as the energy of each moon phase lingers for a few days. 1. Gather two sheets paper ~ any size will do, and it can be scrap paper ~ and your writing utensil of choice. 2. Take a moment to meditate on what you are grateful for and also what or who you need to forgive or let go of. Remember to pay attention to anything that comes up around home and family, your domestic life as well as your privacy, in spirit of the Cancer energy for this Full Moon.

3. Create two lists, one on each sheet of paper: One for Gratitude, one for Letting Go / Forgiveness. Write down anything and everything you are grateful for as well as anything you wish you let go of that comes to mind. 4. Fold these lists up, send some energetic love for everything that showed up on your lists and burn them safely. I like to burn my lists outside under the energy of the Full Moon once she rises, but you can do it anytime. You can even throw your lists in your fireplace. If it is not an option to burn them safely, you may say the following prayer and then shred the paper or dispose of it in any way you'd like that resonates with you. 5. Recite this beautiful blessing that I LOVE from astrology teacher and moon goddess, Yasmin Boland: Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace. I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs and relationships. I learn my lessons and move on. I call on my soul fragments to be cleansed by the Full Moon and I call on them to rejoin me. I sent love to myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. Under this glorious Full Moon, I am healed. My life is healed. And so it is. So be it. Journaling Questions for 2020 REFLECTION + 2021 MANIFESTATION REFLECT Here are a few questions to help you reflect on 2020 so that you can wrap your mind and heart around the lessons, growth, beauty, grief and everything else you've had to process this year. 1. What worked for you this year? 2. What did you learn or take away from the things that went right? 3. What didn't work for you this year? Where was your biggest "growth opportunity?" 4. What did you learn or take away from the things that didn't work well for you this year? 5. When did you feel most "in flow" this year? 6. List any moments of Awe or Magic that left footprints on your heart this year. 7. List any moments of Grief or Loss that left footprints on your heart this year. 8. Who have you really missed this year as a result of the pandemic? (Maybe even consider sending them a text or card in the mail and extend some love to them to start off the new year) 9. Did you make any new friends or connections as a result of the pandemic? How did these connections shift your year? 10. What traditions, rituals, events, experiences did you really miss as a result of the pandemic? How did the absence of these things shift your year? 11. What new traditions, rituals and experiences did you adopt as a result of the pandemic? How did the adoption of these things shift your year? 12. What stands out the most in your mind about 2020? 13. Reflect back on this time last year. Maybe it was a resolution or intention you set around this time or a goal you hoped to accomplish in 2020; some bucket list items you hoped you would check off. Which of these things were you able to make progress on or accomplish? Which items took a back seat because of Covid? And which goals completely changed all together because your priorities changed? What intentions, resolutions, practices or goals are you feeling called to set for 2021, if any? MANIFEST Now let's look at these amazing reflection questions for the New Year that I LOVE from spiritual teacher and modern day mystic, Caroline Myss: 1. What do you hope for this coming year that is different from other years? 2. How do you want to improve your life this year? 3. What do you want to contribute to your community to make it a better place? 4. How do you want to be different by the end of the year? 5. What wishes do you have for the greater good and in what ways can you contribute to it this year? 6. What changes are unfolding in your life that you need to cooperate with and what does that mean? 7. In what way or ways do you want to deepen your spiritual life?

Sending you blessings as you digest and integrate all the wisdom that was offered in 2020 and for all that is to come in the New Year!


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