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Animal Medicine: Bear

You have just come into contact with Bear Medicine, symbolizing introspection and intuition blended with instinct. The Bear is also known as the Great Healer.⁣

In many native cultures, the Bear symbolizes a time of awakening the unconscious. When Bear energy comes into your life it can be a sign of restoring harmony, balance and healing. It is a time to "hibernate" ~ to go more deeply inwards and listen to our intuition. ⁣

During hibernation, the great sleep, bears go inwards and release themselves of the outside world for a time and then come out "rebirthed," in a sense. Coming into contact with Bear Medicine may mean it's a time for us to turn more deeply inwards and "hibernate" from the outside world for a bit of time. ⁣

Questions to ask yourself: ⁣

Are you needing some rest and relaxation in your life? ⁣

How can you take out more time for you to go deeper within? ⁣

Is there spiritual practice calling you? ⁣

What are some things you need to let go of in order to let go of your old self and birth a new self? What would your ideal self/life look like after this rebirth?⁣

Photo taken in @grandtetonnps


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