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Animal Medicine: Bee

You have come into contact with Bee Medicine!

A Bee appearing in your life - most of the time - is asking you to look at your levels of productivity in your life. Are you doing too much, caught up in the daily grind (the buzz of life)? OR are you perhaps not focusing enough? ⁣

The Bee Spirit has a strong work ethic, however, the Bee also knows how important it is to stop and smell the flowers. The Bee might be asking you to check in on the delicate balance between doing and just bee-ing. ⁣

Bees work together in community and are of service. Are you being guided to work more with your community or to bee of service in some way?⁣

One of the many things I love about bees is that they ask us to spread our wings and fly, despite the obstacles, as many times, obstacles are our self imposed limitations and illusions. ⁣

Another cool thing about the Bees is that their Honeycomb represents the Heart Chakra. Bringing awareness to the sweetness in life - the heart center - LOVE. ⁣


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