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Animal Medicine: Dolphin

You have come into contact with Dolphin Medicine!

Dolphins are intelligent creatures who are deeply in tune with their instincts. They remind us to trust ourselves and our intuition. Their playful nature also reminds us to approach our own lives with more humor and joy. ⁣

Dolphin Medicine also symbolizes:⁣

• Peace and harmony⁣

• Protection⁣

• Playfulness and joy⁣

• Resurrection⁣

• Inner Strength⁣

• Cooperation⁣

Questions to ask yourself:⁣

Am I in touch with my intuition? How can I connect with my inner wisdom and inner strength more deeply?⁣

Am I "playing" enough in life ... or am I taking life too seriously lately? How can I bring more play into my life?⁣

In what areas of my life would I like to bring more peace and harmony? What is one boundary I can set to create this harmony?⁣

I will never forget this magical moment in Mexico a few years ago when this beautiful dolphin popped up right in front of me (see photo below)!


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