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How to Create an Intuition Journal (and Why it's Helpful)

"Follow your intuition explicitly.”

Intuition is the faculty of knowing as if by instinct, without conscious reasoning. It is not in competition with our rational mind; it is just another part of ourselves that we actually use all the time, but often in a limited unconscious way. The amazing thing is that we all possess intuitive intelligence. Yes, that is right: YOU ARE ALREADY INTUITIVE. It is your birthright. However, since we were children we have been trained to focus on relying on our 5 senses. When we rely ONLY on the 5 senses, we tend to react more unconsciously to life circumstances. When we start to also engage our intuition, though, we start to co-create our life and learn how to respond more consciously, rather than react. One of the special things about our intuition is that it is not a loud obvious voice; it is very subtle and quiet, especially when we are first learning how to listen to it. If you are having trouble hearing or listening to your intuition, a great way to start to get in touch with this sixth sense is by writing down all of your intuitive hits and thoughts. An "intuitive hit" may just be a quick thought or feeling that comes into your awareness that you usually may not think twice about. But the more you begin to pay attention to these little subtle messages, you will begin to realize that your intuition is speaking to you throughout your day. Start to pay attention to everything and write it down. Here are some examples:

  • I was thinking I should call my friend, and then an hour later she called. She was having a hard day and just needed to talk to a friend.

  • I had a dream that my toaster oven was on fire and the next morning when I woke up the toaster oven was gone. When I asked my mom where it was, she said it was getting super old, so she threw it out.

  • I was all signed up for yoga, but for some reason - last minute - I decided not to go. Within a few minutes I received a call that a good friend was stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and needed help.

  • I usually shop at the same grocery store, but I had a thought to stop at a different store on my way home one day. As soon as I walked in I ended up running into a friend from high school who was visiting. I had not seen this friend in 10 years.

  • I had a thought to text a friend and let her know how amazing she was and she immediately wrote back and said: “you do not know how much I needed to hear that today.”

These are just a few examples, but your intuition will speak to you in its own way. Simply just start to pay attention. The more you pay attention to your intuition, the more you may begin to notice it. And you will start to realize how intuitive we all really are! And the more we acknowledge our intuition, the more we begin to trust it. Then the more we trust in it, the more we start to listen to it. So begin to pay attention to all of these little messages that you may not pay attention to, or may tend to dismiss. There is usually gold there! Creating an Intuition Journal

Creating an Intuition Journal will help you get more in touch with the subtle intuitive hits that you get all day long. Your "journal" can be a small notebook that is easy to carry around with you, or you could even use the Notes on your phone and log your hits as you go throughout your day. You may even record voice memos as your "Intuitive Journal." Do what works best and what resonates with you! I personally have a notes page in my phone that I record everything in and then I rewrite them in my journal as a reminder every so often. It can be fun to create a special journal just for your intuitive hits and to have it to look back on. Once we start to pay attention we realize how much our intuition is always speaking to us. Try committing to it for even just one week. Committing to this practice (writing in your intuitive journal) for this short amount of time, will make a huge difference. I always love hearing how this practice goes for people, so if you feel called to, please share with me how it's going. Just drop me a note in my email ~ I read them all! May this practice serve your beautiful spirit and higher self.


Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash


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