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Mantra Practice for Bliss!

Ananda Hum ~ I am bliss.⁣

This is a sanskrit mantra meaning “I am bliss,” or “Happiness is my true nature.” This mantra aids in reconnecting with your true nature which is blissful and joyful.⁣

I love to do this mantra with Lotus Mudra, which connects us with our heart center. Sit and silently repeat the mantra or chant it out loud with your hands placed in Lotus Mudra (see slide 2 for the mudra). Even just 3 minutes can have a powerful effect on you. ⁣

The most powerful aspect of using a mantra is not the meaning behind what you are saying, but the energy from the vibrations of the word (or words). It is a habit of ours to want to know the meaning of the words, but it doesn't actually matter whether or not you know the meaning or translation of the mantra, as it is the sound and vibration that have the biggest effect on your body, mind and spirit. It is the sound that leads us into deeper or altered states of consciousness. ⁣

To learn more about the power of mantra, see my blog: What is a Mantra Practice and How Does it Work?


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