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Ritual for the New Moon in Leo + the Lion's Gate Portal

With a New Moon in Leo happening today on 8/8 ~ the Lion's Gate Portal ~ today is the best day of 2021 to manifest your dreams! The Lion’s Gate portal, a magical force that fills up the sky from July 28 to August 12, is thought to reach its peak today ~ and 88 is a number that brings change.

The Lion’s Gate portal marks the time that the star Sirius ~ the brightest blue star in the sky, which is known as the “Spiritual Sun” and has a long history of astronomical significance ~ rises and becomes visible in the sky. "The number code, 88 represents infinity, spiritual intelligence, and DNA activation. It is believed on this day we can integrate the high-frequency energies of Sirius straight into our being." So, this month's new moon adds an extra boost of life-changing energy. This day is truly magical with high vibrational energy. Give yourself the gift of connecting with our own inner lion-energy today by meditating, spending time in nature, journaling and/or writing down your intentions for this next year. Here is a short ritual to make the most of this magical day: Grab a journal or notebook to draw in and find a quiet space. Seated or lying down, allow the eyes to close. Bring your hands to your heart and feel yourself breathing in and out of your heart center. Bring all of your attention into your heart space for at least a full minute. Then ask your higher self the following questions: 1. What am I most grateful for in my life right now? 2. What does my heart truly desire? 3. What do I wish to create in my life? Visualize the gratitude filling your heart and expanding outwards. Then visualize offering up your heart’s desire and your intention to the Universe. You can visualize it as words being offered up, or you can wrap it up in a beautiful box. See what comes to you. When you are finished, open your eyes and journal (or draw) about your experience.


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