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A Ritual for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The full moon lunar eclipse is a powerful time for cleansing and clearing, and setting intentions surrounding renewal and rejuvenation. The energy of the full moon invites us to embrace change, let go, and create a deeper relationship with ourselves and the divine ~ and when a lunar eclipse is involved, the energy of change and transformation is also strong!

This Wednesday, May 26, the energy of the full moon lunar eclipse, is guiding us to slow down, turn inwards and listen to our intuition. This is a powerful time to meditate and ask our higher selves for guidance.

To support this energy, try this simple ritual to help you slow down, get grounded and tune inside so that you can access the messages being offered to you from your intuition and higher self during this transformational lunar eclipse.

Before you begin this practice, I invite you to set up a sacred space. It can be as simple as a lit candle, a crystal or two, incense, or whatever inspires you to be still and tune inwards. (See ideas for setting up an altar here.)

The Practice

Find a comfortable seat near the sacred space or altar you set up for yourself and close the eyes. Focus at the third eye center and begin to take 3 deep breaths ~ in through the nose and out through the mouth ~ to release and let go of your day.

Now, begin using this 4-part breath practice for accessing your intuition: 4 sniffs in through the nose and 4 breaths out through the nose. Your hands are in gyan mudra (touch your index fingertip to the tip of your thumb, while holding your other three fingers straight) and your elbows are bent at your sides. Do this breath anywhere from 3-11 minutes. See video here.

After you finished the breath, while keeping the mudra, bring your hands onto your lap and keep your focus at your third eye center while silently repeat the mantra OM for 1 to 3 minutes.

Keeping your eyes closed, ask your intuition ~ your higher self ~ the following questions:

1. What messages do you have for me?

2. What do I need to let go of to make room for something new?

3. What are three qualities about myself that I love?

4. What do I need to transform in my life?

Open your eyes and write down whatever came through during your meditation. Continue to allow anything else to come through you with a few minutes of stream of consciousness writing.


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