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Mantra + Mudra Practice for Fluidity and Creativity

Vam is the Bija Mantra for the 2nd chakra, which is associated with the water element. This mantra together with the Varun Mudra is a super powerful combo in moving into fluidity. It also brings us more into our creativity.⁣

Varun Mudra is a great mudra for winter because it can help with dry skin that the cold months can bring. It helps balance the water element in the body by activating fluid circulation through the body, keeping it moisturized. This leads to healing for many skin conditions and can bring a natural glow and luster to your face. ⁣

This mudra also helps us with our voice ~ to speak more clearly and to intuitively communicate. The Varun Mudra is known as the “seal of mental clarity.” When the two fingers are placed together ~ the thumb and pinky finger touch ~ it is meant to symbolize and encourage openness and fluid communication.⁣

To get into this mudra, simply bring the pink and thumb to touch while keeping the three fingers, ring, middle and pointer, extended.⁣

The Practice: In a seated position, begin by bringing your hands on your lap and close your eyes. Start to connect with the breath and bring your attention down to the lower belly (the 2nd chakra - the sacral chakra). Begin to create circles with the belly and upper body one direction for three to five rounds and then switch directions.⁣

When finished, come to a neutral spine and keep your gaze or focus at the 2nd chakra ~ or you can gaze up and in towards the Third Eye. Come into Varun Mudra and silently chant the Bija Mantra, VAM. ⁣

Learn more about Bija Mantras here.


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