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How to Invoke Fearless LOVE, Our Timeless Nature

The mantra, "Om Kalikaye Namah," invokes the qualities of Kali. The Goddess of Fearless LOVE, Kali means “the one beyond time.” She destroys the ego, our stories and the past. She brings us to our True Self and leads us to truth. She helps us to transcend imbalances and disturbances of the mind by bringing our shadows, fears and delusions to the surface so they can be released.

I personally love to invoke the qualities of Kali on a daily basis. This practice serves as a daily reminder to move through any fears that I am facing. It is a reminder to stay aligned with my TRUTH. To consciously release my egoic tendencies. To release my insecurities and fears daily.

To invoke Kali, try setting a timer and repeating this mantra for 8 minutes. Or, if you have mala beads, you can repeat this mantra 108 times, chanting the mantra once per bead ~ as a traditional mala has 108 beads. (To learn more about japa meditation see my next 21 Days of Japa, starting May 10!)

For a fun challenge, you can commit to doing this for 21 or 40 days in a row.


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