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Mantra Monday: Moving into Stillness

Nang Mang Singh Shiva is a great mantra to use when you want to move into more stillness.

This mantra also builds a strong aura, clarity, fearlessness, transcendence and presence. It is really great to do if you are feeling ungrounded or when you want to strengthen your aura. It's also a great way to start the day or a great way to realign in the middle of your day.⁣

Nang - The naked Shiva, No masks, projections stories or ideas. Absolute clarity.

Mang - Intense, ferocious, and fierce.

Singh - The lion, Active and not passive, no hiding and integrative.

Shiva - We are invoking these three aspects of Shiva

You can use this mantra with the mudras below.

Nang (pointer finger touches thumb)

Mang (middle finger touches thumb)

Singh (ring finger touches thumb)

Shiva (pink finger touches thumb)

Come into a comfortable seat with the arms crossed in front of the heart center ~ the right arm is closest to the body. ⁣Start by chanting the mantra quietly and then move into chanting it silently. ⁣When you say Nang - thumb touches pinky finger. When you say Mang - thumb touches ring finger. When you say Singh - thumb touches middle finger. When you say Shiva - thumb touches pointer finger. ⁣

Practice this for 11 minutes. ⁣

Let me know how you feel after trying this powerful Shiva mantra!


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