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The Art of Kriya 

3 FRIDAYS ( 5:30-8pm )

May 10, May 17 + May31


Kriya means Evolutionary Action. And what does "Evolutionary Action" mean? Let's break it down: In Sanskrit, "Kri" means action, to do; and "Ya" is another name for Soul (or Atman). So, kriya means “action that leads us to evolution, expansion and liberation.”

Kriya is a technique or set of practices designed to create a specific evolutionary response; in other words, a set of practices that help us move from one state of consciousness to another. The practice of kriya enables subtle and direct changes in the body and mind of the practitioner.

In this upcoming 3-session series,
we will dive deep into the subtle body and the powerful practice of kriya yoga. Each 2.5-hour session will be part lecture, part discussion and kriya practice. You will be offered a different kriya set each week to practice to further deepen your inward journey.

Course Outline:

​Session 1: Kundalini Energy
What is Kundalini Energy? Myths vs Facts. Learn how the practice of Kriya can help us cultivate this powerful Kundalini energy to align with our Higher Self. 

Session 2: Shiva and Shakti Energy
Shiva and Shakti are fundamental concepts that represent the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine energy or cosmic consciousness. Learn about how these energies relate to each other and how to balance them through Kriya.

Session 3: The 5 Vayus + Strengthening our Auric Field
Learn about the 5 Vayus, why they are important and how to activate them through Kriya practice. 

What you will take away from the course:

  • 3 Kriya sets for personal practice

  • A deeper understanding of these ancient practices

  • A deeper understanding of the subtle body

  • Empowerment for personal growth

  • Confidence in independent practice

  • Connection in community 


This course offers you a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth and spiritual exploration. From practical Kriya Sets to profound insights into ancient wisdom, you'll emerge with a deeper connection to your inner self and a renewed sense of purpose on your journey towards self-realization.

LOCATION: Home Yoga Studio in Jackson Wyoming. This course will be offered in person and online. You will have access to a private website with the recorded sessions for a full year after the course.


DATES: May 10, May 17 + May 31


TIME: 5:30-8pm MST


RATE is $150


"The purpose of kriya is to take us into deeper states of "shunya," or stillness, void, emptiness. Kriya aids in strengthening the nervous system and helps us move into a state of cosmic intelligence and away from the ego."

Anyone who takes this course gets an Intuitive Reading for $120 (Normal Rate is $150). Valid until January 31, 2024.


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