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with Rachel Hunter and Deidre Norman


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Step into the mystical heart of India on a transformative journey to uncover the divine essence of the Great Goddess Ma Kali. Connect with the nurturing and powerful energy of the Divine Mother as you journey through sacred sites dedicated to Ma Kali and other manifestations of the goddess. Experience the profound presence of the Great Goddess herself and embrace the divine within and without.

Our pilgrimage begins in Kolkata, a city that has long been associated with the Divine Mother. Steeped in devotion and pulsating with energy, the presence and heartbeat of Ma Kali is palpable. Here, the sacred temples of Kalighat and Dakshineshwar in which she resides, offers a profound immersion into her divine realms.

After four days of rich and powerful exploration in Kolkata, we journey to the enchanting Pink City of Jaipur to slow down and integrate. In Jaipur, every corner tells a story, and every moment is imbued with magic. During our time here you can choose to travel to the Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Govinda Deo Temple to see the textiles that are famous in this city.
Our pilgrimage culminates in the sacred city of Pushkar, where ancient rituals and timeless traditions converge amidst the tranquil beauty of its sacred lake. Wander through the holy streets, soaking in the sanctity of India's spiritual heartland. Here, amidst divine temples and sacred rituals, we find ourselves in the presence of the Shakti Peeths, experiencing the divine essence of Ma Kali in all her glory.

This trip is open to everyone, no experience is needed.


  • You seek a profound spiritual experience

  • You crave authentic cultural immersion

  • You long for personal transformation

  • You appreciate the beauty of slowing down

  • You are drawn to the divine feminine

Join us on this soul-stirring journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening as we traverse the sacred landscapes of India, guided by the presence of the Great Goddess herself. Embrace the divine within and without as we embark on an unforgettable adventure of the soul.


For more details and the full itinerary, see below:


NOVEMBER 22 – NOVEMBER 26 : KOLKATA - Oberoi Hotel


DAY 1 :: ARRIVE in Kolkata

5pm Opening Ceremony followed by dinner.

Day 2 :: Kolkata

  • Morning ceremony and visit to Kalighat – to honor the Divine Goddess Kali. 

  • Optional afternoon tour : Explore the Dalhousie Square (BBD Bagh) and the Mullick Ghat Flower Market .

  • The day will end with an Aarti Ceremony at Nishtarini.

Day 3 :: Kolkata

  • A day of visiting temples: Including Dakshineshwar.

  • Free time in the afternoon.

  • The day will end with a Havan ceremony in honor of the Goddess Kali.

Day 4 :: Kolkata

  • A day of visiting temples: Including Krishna Kali Temple of Kaoratala Maha Shamshan  and the Thanthania Kali Temple. 

  • Optional afternoon tour : A visit to College Street.

  • A relaxing evening at the hotel.


NOVEMBER 26 – NOVEMBER 28 : JAIPUR - Hotel Narainniwas


Day 5 :: Travel day to Jaipur (by Air).

  • We will spend the evening relaxing in Jaipur.


Day 6 :: Jaipur

  • Morning jeep tour to the 16th century hilltop fortress of Amber.

  • In the afternoon, we will visit the City Palace.

  • Evening ceremony at a local temple.




Day 7 :: Travel day to Pushkar (by Bus).


Day 8-Day 10 :: Pushkar

  • We will spend our time here visiting the many temples, experiencing the evening ceremonies on the lake, walking around the local markets and practicing yoga and meditation. We will also have a few wisdom talks.

DECEMBER 2 – DECEMBER 3 :  DELHI - Andaz Hotel

Day 11 :: Travel day to Delhi (by Train).


Day 12 : Delhi

  • Final Breakfast together. 



  • Yoga practices to invoke the Goddess Kali.

  • Wisdom talks to learn more about the Goddess Kali.

  • A daily meditation practice.

  • Breakfast.

  • Dinner.

  • Tips to hotels, guides and drivers.



  • Lunches.

  • Taxi to Kolkata hotel from airport.

  • Taxi to Delhi airport from hotel.

  • Flights to and from India. 

  • Laundry, spa visits, snacks.

  • Travel Insurance < this is required>.

  • Assistance with visa application.

COST : $4,900

  • All bookings are for double occupancy. SINGLE ROOM : An additional $1,000 (limited spaces).

  • non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is due to reserve your space.

  • The rest of your payment is due on our before August 1, 2024. Payment plans are available.

  • If you cancel after August 15th and you have paid in full, your money will not be refunded, unless someone fills your spot. The $1,000 deposit will not be refunded.

Itinerary subject to change...

Learn more about Rachel Hunter HERE + Deidre Norman HERE.


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