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Intro to Meditation 

AUGUST 14th :: 7-9PM :: AKASHA YOGA ~Jackson, Wyoming


Transform your life with just a few minutes of meditation a day!

In this two-hour workshop, we will learn the basics of meditation, bust some common myths and misconceptions about meditation, discuss why this ancient practice is essential to your well-being and then practice what we have learned together. You will even learn how to create a personalized practice for yourself, using breathwork, mantra and mudra. 


The practices of mantra, mudra and breathwork help to shift our consciousness, which in turn, shifts the way we experience the world! These practices also help us reduce stress and anxiety, gain more clarity about life, be more present, experience more joy, boost our immune systems and so much more!


If you have been curious about meditation and are looking for a place to start, this workshop is for you! If you have tried meditation before, but felt like you were doing it wrong (this is one of the most common misconceptions), then this workshop is for you! If you have meditated in the past but want a refresher to help you jumpstart your practice, this workshop is for you!

Deidre has been teaching Yoga + Meditation for 14 years. She leads an online 21-day meditation course regularly and is on a mission to help others align with their Highest Truth through this ancient and sacred practice.

"There is a synergy which is created when people meditate together. The healing power that is cultivated in a group meditation is far more effective than meditating alone."


Please reach out with any questions:

A daily meditation practice has the ability to:
-Reduce stress and anxiety 
-Calm your nervous system
-Be more present in your day to day life
-Experience more joy
-Feel more calm, and less reactive
-Quiet the analytical mind
-Increase your intuitive abilities

-Increase your focus

-Reduce negative throughs and emotions


Anyone who registers for this course can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $120 (Typical rate is $150). This rate is valid until December 31, 2022.



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