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FALL 2021 :: DATES TBD |  $200


Join me on a 21-day journey inwards, to that place of stillness where you can access your True Self. We will spend our time together learning to listen to the whispers of our Intuition and diving deep inside to experience our most authentic selves. 

When this course is finished, you will begin to be more aligned with your Higher Purpose in this life, have more courage to live your Truth and start to move more fully in the direction of your Dharmic Path. 

This course includes:⁣⁣

  • Three live masterclass workshops that dive into the three centers of Intuition, working with the energetic chakra system, accessing kundalini energy, and much more (recordings included).⁣⁣

  • Daily live meditations designed to strengthen your three centers of intuition each morning (Monday-Friday)⁣⁣ (recordings included)

  • A recorded meditation journey each week to listen to, so that you can dive deeper inside. 

  • Daily journal questions that help you connect with your true self / life purpose⁣⁣

  • Recipes to keep your body operating at its best ~ because nutrition has a direct tie to your intuition (more on this on the course!)⁣⁣

  • A private Facebook group, where we can all share about our experience in a safe place. 


This course is designed to: 

  • Give you tools to gain deeper access to your Intuition, and align you with your True Self. 

  • Guide you in the direction of Trusting your Intuition more. 

  • Harmonize and heal the 7 chakras along your spine. 

  • Inspire you to ignite your inner voice and inner creativity. 


Anyone who registers for this course, can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $99 (Rate is $150), this rate is valid until December 31, 2021. 


Please reach out with any questions:


COST: $222 

PAYMENT: Venmo @Deidre-Norman


“Intuition 101 has been an awakening course for me! From the knowledgeable and compassionate teachings of Deidre, I am gratefully more in touch with my intuition than ever.” - Donnita Kauffman 

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