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Animal Medicine: Gorilla

When Gorilla Medicine comes into your life you are being called to take action to go after what you want. Exuding a quiet honor and a calm dignity, Gorilla is associated with conscious leadership and the ability to be a pillar of strength in the community. Gorilla also asks us to take radical responsibility for ourselves and our life choices.⁣ (By the way, if you are reading this post :: Gorilla Medicine has come into your life 🦍❤️.)

Questions to ask yourself:

✨Is there a dream or vision you want to follow but haven't taken action on?⁣

✨Where in your life are you being asked to step up as a leader? It could be in your home, at work or in your community. ⁣

✨How can you bring more compassion to your role as a leader?⁣

✨Where can you take more responsibility for your life choices? ⁣

Photo taken by me on a magical trip to Uganda


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