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Animal Medicine: Moose

You have come into contact with Moose Medicine on this beautiful Spring Equinox weekend! 🌷

This energy may mean that you have a reason to feel good about something you have accomplished on your journey ~ is it a habit you have overcome? Perhaps a project you finished, or a goal you are making good progress on?⁣

Take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments as of lately, and don't dismiss the small ones, as every small accomplishment can lead to larger ones. ⁣

Moose Medicine is also associated with divine feminine energy! Some of the Indians believed that seeing a moose was a special, sacred gift. It means a unique and sacred energy is opening. ⁣

Moose are also a sign to listen more fully to your inner voice. ⁣

Things to do:⁣

🌷Write down things you love about yourself + free write about your progress in life. ⁣

🥦 Eat more veggies.⁣

✨ Trust your feelings.⁣

Photos by Deidre around Jackson, Wyoming


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