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Animal Medicine: Whale

You have just come into contact with Whale Medicine! ⁣

Whale Medicine represents our emotions, inner truth, communication and creativity. Whale is the keeper of family history and represents the importance of family and community. Whale is also closely associated with wisdom and the spiritual realm ~ and can be a powerful signal that you need to let something go or forgive someone.⁣

I was lucky enough to witness this majestic beauty when I was in Mexico a few years back! Here are some questions to ask yourself when you come into contact with Whale Medicine (like right now!):⁣

Where in your life do you feel called to create more space? What do you need or want to create this space for?⁣

How clear have you been with your communication lately? Do you have a message to share but are holding back? What message do you have to share with others right now? Or maybe with one person? Tune inside and ask yourself what you need to express right now.⁣

How has your relationship been with your family and community? Are you feeling called to connect more with anyone in particular? ⁣

Is there anyone you need to forgive right now? Is there something or someone you need to let go of?⁣


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