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Mantra + Mudra Practice for Grace

Mantra + Mudra Practice: Kripa Hum with Lotus Mudra⁣

Kripa Hum identifies your essence as pure grace and sets in motion the flow of grace through gratitude. It helps you experience yourself as both the giver and receiver of blessings.⁣

The Lotus Mudra opens the heart chakra and is a symbol of purity. A lotus flower sits on the surface of the pond, opening to the sun as its roots remain deeply embedded into the muddy bottom, holding it firm and strong. It is the symbol of light and beauty emerging from the darkness.The message of the lotus mudra is to stay connected to your roots, open yourself to the light and realize that the greatest sense of steadiness in life is an open heart. IT is with an open heart - that is easier to be both the giver and the receiver.⁣

It is easy to get caught in the negative mind. Here is a quick 3-minute reset to align with gratitude and an open heart. ⁣

Take a few moments to sit in silence. Start to focus on your breath and bring in the feeling of GRATITUDE. Think of one to three things you are grateful for in your life. With each breath visualize this gratitude expanding in your heart center. And as you feel ready, bring your hands up into Lotus Mudra. And if you can, with your intention, breathe in and out of the heart. Bring all of your attention into the heart and start to silently repeat the mantra: Kripa Hum ⁣


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