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Mantra + Mudra Practice to Invoke the Divine Feminine

This mantra invokes the qualities of Laskshmi ~ one of the goddesses we will be working with foe the next 21 days. She represents abundance, prosperity, beauty, gratitude, grace and the divine feminine. She is full of grace and always grateful. She teaches us to have a sacred relationship with prosperity and that prosperity is so much more than just about money. She teaches us that holding on too tight - out of a 'lack mentality' does not lead us to higher states of consciousness, it keeps us in a state of feeling lack. She is always in the state of giving and receiving and has a grateful heart. ⁣

The Practice: Mantra + Akasha Mudra⁣

Akasha Mudra: Palms together with fingers interlaced, index fingers point straight up with right thumb crossing over the left thumb. This mudra creates expansion in the heart. It is also for increased prosperity, good health and wealth! ⁣

Sit with your hands in Akasha Mudra in front of your heart center and bring your attention into your center. Breathe in and out of the heart for a few rounds of breath. Think about the qualities of Lakshmi you want to expand within you. Start to allow these qualities to expand in your heart center with each breath. As you feel ready, start to silently repeat the Lakshmi Mantra. Repeat for as long as feels good for you!⁣


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