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Mudra for Protecting Your Energy

Kashyapa Mudra. Practice this mudra, also known as the Tortoise Mudra, when you want to strengthen your energy field or protect yourself against any negativity. It does this by creating a protective shield, like a tortoise shell, which strengthens with consistent practice.

To practice this mudra, make a gentle fist with your hand with the fingertips extended (not curled under) and then bring your thumb between your middle and ring fingers. You can choose to practice the mudra with either hand. It can be a fun experiment to try it with each hand and see if you notice any subtle differences in your energy.

Start by taking a comfortable seat with a long straight spine, and bring your palms face up as you begin to deepen the breath. Bring your hand or hands into the mudra and notice how you feel.

You may also choose to practice this mudra if you are out and about and wanting to center and keep your energy protected.


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