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Mantra + Mudra Practice for Aligning with Beauty, Grace and Abundance

"SHRIM" (pronounced SHREEM) is a shakti bija (or “seed”) mantra chanted to invoke the divine feminine energy (shakti). In Sanskrit, shri means “splendor.” Shrim is the bija mantra of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, wealth, beauty and grace. This is both in the material world and in the spiritual world.

The mantra, Shrim, is believed to activate the Agya (6th) and Sahasrara (7th) chakras. Both are strong spiritual energy centers. The Agya Chakra is associated with our intuition and inner wisdom while the Sahasrara Chakra serves as our connection to the Divine and the Higher Self. Using the mantra Shrim can be used to bring more feminine energy (lunar energy) into our lives, helping us to invoke the nurturing feminine qualities of femininity, receptivity, relaxation and surrender. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it is a good time to align with "shri" (feminine) qualities. With less daylight hours we are encouraged to go inward, nurture ourselves and connect with the divine feminine energy that lives within each of us. One of my favorite ways to use this mantra and invoke the shri qualities is to sit in meditation and bring hands into lotus Mudra at the heart center. Allow the gaze to be up and in toward the 3rd eye center, and allow the breath to expand in and out of the heart center. And silently repeat the mantra Shrim for as long as it resonates.


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