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The Whole World is at our Fingertips...Literally!

Many of you know that the universe is made of the five elements, or tattvas: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. But did you know that these five elements exist within our fingertips?

Each of the five fingers is represented by one of these elements:

The Index Finger is represented by the Element of Air, known as the Jupiter finger.

Brings in Knowledge and opens up our minds to think outside of the box. It helps us to remove obstacles.

The Middle Finger is represented by the Element of Space, known as the Saturn finger.

This gives us patience and helps us to stay focused.

The Ring Finger is represented by the Element of Earth, known as the Sun finger.

This gives us energy. It also grounds our energy down and can calm us down. It can help to soothe anxiety.

The Pinky Finger is represented by the Element of Water, known as the Mercury finger.

Aids in communication and creativity.

The Thumb is represented by the Element of Fire.

It represents universal consciousness.

These elements or tattvas that make up the five fingers of our hand are part of the reason that using mudras in meditation or yoga practice can be so powerful. Mudras are symbolic, ritualistic gestures that are believed to affect the flow of energy and our focus. And arranging our fingers and thumbs in certain mudras is a way to direct our energy. Pretty cool, right?

The universe really IS at your fingertips. And you really do have what you need to create change in your life right at your fingertips. Whenever your mind begins to wander, thinking of the past or dwelling on the future, you are most likely leaking out your energy. Using mudra is a powerful way to manage your energy and come back into the present moment, which is where you want to create your life from.

To learn more about how to use mudras in your meditation or yoga practices, check out my offerings. I teach mudras in many of my programs and also may offer them in my intuitive reading sessions when appropriate.

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Stay tuned on the blog for more tips on how to manage your precious energy!

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