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A Mantra for Making Life Beautiful Inside and Out

Om Ghrini Suryay Namah

"I bow to you oh glowing sun god."

A mantra for making life beautiful inside and out ~ and one to chant first thing in the morning, as the sun rises as we use this mantra to invoke the qualities of God Surya ~ the Sun God. This mantra is "the remover of the darkness of ignorance and embodying knowledge and wisdom."

By chanting this mantra, we are asking for the blessing of light and energy and releasing us of our ailments. Chanting this mantra will calm your mind and help you tap into your intuition more fully. This mantra is also an expression of gratitude to God Surya for showering it's comforting rays of Sun on Earth.


Find a comfortable seat, facing East if possible, first in the morning as Surya rises. Repeat this mantra for 108 rounds or for a longer practice you may choose to chant it for 8 minutes.


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