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A Moon Mantra for Connecting with Deeper Meaning + Truth

Om Chandraya Namaha

This beautiful moon mantra is chanted to help us look beyond "illusions" to see the deeper meaning in things and the truth that lies within. The moon (Chandra) governs the unconscious / subconscious realm and represents the intelligence and intuition of each being. The moon also represents the feminine (or shakti energy, our spark of life force).

This mantra encourages us to slow down and tune inward so that we may align with our inner truth and hear our intuition with more clarity. It also helps to calm the nervous system and restore balance.


Chant this mantra for 108 rounds with a mala; or for a longer practice, set your timer for 8 minutes and chant this mantra with your hands in Ida Mudra (see the hand gesture here), the gesture of the lunar nadi.


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